Sascha Wolff is a Berlin-based consultant, speaker and entrepreneur working with user-centred design to support private and public sector organisations worldwide. He is the co-founder and partner of Dark Horse Innovation and co-author of „Thank God Its Monday“ and „Digital Innovation Playbook“. With The Makerbag he launched a collection of workshop material compiled in one convenient shoulder bag providing the most sustainable collection of workshop material there is. 

Sascha is a voluntary advisor to Gartower Oktobergespräche and WASH United. As a mentor he supports the ESCPs Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme "U-School" since the very beginning.


Contact via email or linkedin.

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I am a Coach, Consultant (Berater), Advisor, Trainer and Entrepreneur working with user-centred design (nutzer-zentriertes Design) to support private, and public sector organisations worldwide. I facilitate workshops and sprints for Design Thinking, Service Design, Innovation, Co-Innovation, Strategic Design (Design Strategie), Product Design, Produkt Design, Process Design, Prozess Design, Organisational Design, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Design, Social Design, Social Innovation, Soziale Innovation, User Experience Design, UX Design, Strategy, Qualitative Research, Qualitative Recherche, Innovation Management, Culture Hacking, Social Micro Innovation. I can help you understand New Work, Leadership, Creativity, Kreativität, Digitalisierung, Digitalisation and Agile Process Development.

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